Thursday, August 16, 2012

NH-based indie feature ONLY DAUGHTER goes into production

[We received an email from New Hampshire-based either/or films regarding their latest indie feature going into production, ONLY DAUGHTER. Thought we would share it with you.]

Written & Directed by Aaron J. Wiederspahn

In Production August 18th - 28th 2012

Raised in poverty by a single mother in a rural New Hampshire town, 18-year-old Dawn Cowley has never known her biological father, a source of animosity between her and her mother. Fighting to find any kind of self-worth beyond the "white trash" she's been labeled her whole life, Dawn spends her days working at a bait shack along the Connecticut River and her nights turning tricks at a truck-stop to earn more money and escape a life she's longed to leave behind. One evening, after a violent argument erupts between her mother and her mother's boyfriend, the local Sheriff finds Dawn at a truck-stop diner and notifies her that her mother has been rushed the hospital. In a fit of anger, Dawn feverishly tears apart her home. When she stumbles upon a clue as to who her real Father is, she sets out to find him with an unflinching disregard for potential danger and ultimately discovers the devastating secret known by all except herself.

New Hampshire is a state defined by countless communities of artists in all mediums. It is also home to a vibrant population of professional men and women working in the film industry. Although filmmaking often takes many of us far from our New England home, we have decided to shoot Only Daughter in and around Claremont, New Hampshire, taking advantage of the Granite State’s rich landscape. Every individual we have brought on board -- our writer/director, the entire cast, our technicians and all of the producers, are locally-based.  With the help of many talented and dedicated hands, and thanks to the generosity of over 100 funders in our Indiegogo Campaign, Only Daughter will allow us to create independent cinema locally, and make something beautiful right in our own backyards. 

[The film stars Emily Seymour, Aaron Wiederspahn, Morganna Ekkens, Dakota Bendetto and Seth Chatfield. You can "like" ONLY DAUGHTER on their Facebook page here.]