Monday, September 10, 2012

Mount Monadnock doc begins post-production, seeks finishing funds

[We received this update from Steve Hooper of Rabbit Ear Films--thought we would share with you. Support your local filmmakers!]
Monadnock, the Mountain that Stands Alone will be a feature length HD Documentary with history and personal stories along with beautiful imagery and music written and composed in New Hampshire.

Dear Friends,

I want to take the opportunity to thank all those folks, foundations and organizations that have helped our film group these past couple years. We truly appreciate your support.

Our group, Rabbit Ear Films, has survived some turbulent winds of economic weather.

We have pleased to announce we have completed Phase One-Research and Phase Two-Production.

We are in the third and final phase of our film project!! This phase is called Post-Production and is the costliest segment.

When I led the film project An American Nurse At War in the late 90's the post-production budget for an edited one hour film with PBS specs was about $90,000.00 through a talented film editor in Manchester, NH. Quality films cost money.

And yet we have a talented film editor, Dan White, an Associate Editor at Florentine Films, one of the top film documentary companies in the world, who shares with all of us the passion to get this film done on as tight a budget as possible and still meet PBS specs. How many film projects are blessed with such a generous gesture?

To finish the film in our Post Production Phase we are seeking $29,000.00. This will cover professional music composition and all the complex editing requirements and over 100 hours of editing by film editor Dan White.

Completion date is set for May 2013.

This project has maintained high standards with a very small group of dedicated volunteers getting us through Phase One and Phase Two. Now, it is necessary to budget moneys for required professional talent. Films demand certain special skills that we volunteers at Rabbit Ear Films do not have.

Please visit us at, and at to keep informed about our Project and to get info about how to donate to the project.

We have climbed to Paradise Valley on the slopes of Mount Monadnock and need help getting to the summit. We won't turn back now. Please help us reach the summit and finish a film that will be a legacy of rich history for schools, historical societies and citizens of New Hampshire and beyond.

Thank you.


Steve Hooper
Executive Producer/Monadnock-The Mountain That Stands Alone