Saturday, October 27, 2012

Casting Notice: MTV looking for dynamic families that are "doubling up"

[From a casting associate at MTV:] 

Is your family moving out of your home and in with another family? Is another family coming to live with yours? MTV is looking for dynamic families with outgoing personalities who are about to take a big step and move in with another family to live under one roof! Be it your cousins from across the country, fun family friends, your big sister moving back home with her family, or strangers that need help, we want to hear if someone new is entering your living situation, or if you’re entering theirs. If this sounds like your story, send an email to with your name, location, contact information and a brief paragraph about your living situation and the people you live with or will be living with. Tell us about each person and please include a photo of yourself and those living under the same roof.