Friday, January 25, 2013

New Hampshire Production Coalition introduces legislation for tax incentive for film/TV production

Forwarding along this press release from our industry partners at the New Hampshire Production Coalition:

Contact: Timothy T. Egan

Entrepreneurs & Officials Applaud Incentives Efforts of NH Production Coalition

New Hampshire’s leading entertainment and communications trade association, the New Hampshire Production Coalition (NHPC) filed an LSR (Legislative Service Request) to develop production incentives to grow the creation of film and television content produced in the state. LSR, #2013-H-0830-R, was filed by Rep. Jeff Goley (D)-NH Hillsborough-District 8.  In late 2011 the Coalition launched itself as a trade organization focused on being legislatively active to create a stronger business climate for those making a living and growing businesses related in the entertainment, media, arts and communications fields.  It will share progress on the filing at its upcoming membership meeting on Feb. 12th at NH Public Television. See for details.

NHPC President Timothy Egan announced the filing with great enthusiasm:  ‘The goal in 2013 is to amend NH’s Business Profits Tax statutes to provide refundable/transferable tax credits to motion picture, television and video production companies.  This will stimulate the production industry in NH, helping create new jobs – both temporary for visiting productions and especially full time jobs for small and mid-sized businesses setting up shop to create content. The film and TV entertainment industry is Americas leading export and NH should be part of the revenue generation this industry provides. The entertainment industry develops career paths for our young people graduating the fine communications programs at our great state colleges and allows innovative and creative arts companies to grow here, where small business owners enjoy NH’s quality of life. It’s a start to create a new revenue stream for a state that could be a great back lot and so much more”

The credit program is designed to allow NH to be in the running to attract film, television and media production economic activity and employment. NH is one of only four states not offering production incentives. Two key aspects of the proposed incentive program are: A tax credit against BPT on total aggregate NH payroll. And a credit against BPT allowed on all NH production expenses and qualified non-NH expenses if: NH production expenses exceed 50% of total production expenses; or at least 50% of filming takes place in NH.”

Reaction to the filing was equally enthusiastic by industry leaders: "We are getting calls all the time from productions interested in filming in New Hampshire, but the tax incentives in other states are leading those projects away," says Matthew Newton, director of the New Hampshire Film and Television Office. "An incentive, like the one being introduced by the NHPC, could keep us competitive with other regions, bring in higher-budgeted independent films and television programs, and create jobs for New Hampshire's production industry and ancillary businesses."

Lorenzo Vigil, an IATSE Local 481 member living in NH had keen insight to the filing: “In recent years I worked as a crew member in New Mexico. I noticed a significant jump in employment for the local work force and production union members, 100-200 people on just one film, with additional revenue for countless merchants.   Since moving to New Hampshire, I see all of the larger productions are in the tax credit states.  For those who live in NH, the incentive proposal to bring in high budget films & TV series will benefit a large population with the revenue it will generate through many aspects.”

John Campanello, owner of BetweenGigs Casting added, “With the filing of this LSR, the New Hampshire Production Coalition continues it's momentum in working with state officials and various business representatives towards making New Hampshire more economically attractive to the film and television industry.  When film or television productions come in from out of state, they will contribute to our economy by hiring local resources, purchasing goods and services, and enjoying the choices offered in our restaurant and lodging industry. A favorable tax incentive program is a key element of attracting large film & television projects to New Hampshire.”

About The NH Production Coalition
The New Hampshire Production Coalition is cross sections of arts & media business owners, independent creatives, communications professionals, organized labor and entertainment industry suppliers who are unified to support, bolster and grow the film/TV/digital production industry in the state by: advocating for the passage of viable and nationally competitive production tax incentive legislation; partnering with the state’s diverse business community in all aspects of the production process; and promoting the significant contribution the industry makes to the state’s creative economy.

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