Thursday, March 14, 2013

Red River Theatres makes the switch to digital

[From our friends at Red River Theatres:]

Red River Theatres Makes the Switch to Digital

Concord NH (March 13, 2013) – Red River Theatres will replace its 35-millimeter projectors this week with new, state of the art digital projection equipment. The nonprofit movie theater on South Main Street will close its two large movie halls and re-open on Friday, March 15th, to show its first digital film.
Red River Theatres conducted a successful fund drive in 2012 to convert its equipment to a digital format in response to the movie industry’s announced switch to digitized films, expected by early 2014, when major Hollywood studios will stop distributing movies on film. Through a combination of tax credits from the NH Community Development Finance Authority, corporate contributions, and donations from individuals and businesses in the community, Red River was able to raise $175,000 for the conversion.

“This upgrade in our technology will allow us to give our audiences a truly superior experience, by providing a crisper and brighter picture,” said Deane Morrison, Red River Board Vice-Chairman. “It will also make it possible to add to the types of programming we offer in the future, such as 3D capability and live events like the Super Bowl on the big screen.”

Red River will still hold limited smaller screenings and other events this week, said Executive Director Shelly Hudson. The theatre played its last 35-millimeter film – Cinema Paradiso – at a free showing on Sunday. 

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