Sunday, August 18, 2013

Casting Notice: Local indie feature SPIN THE PLATE to hold auditions/interviews

[Forwarding along this audition notice:]


SUNDAY August 25 & MONDAY August 26th
Daniel Webster College, Daniel Webster Hall Room 216, Nashua, NH

Based on the award-winning novel by Donna Anastasi (
Screenplay by Thomas Anastasi, multiple award-winning NH/MA playwright & author
Produced by T. Anastasi and E.R. Eastman
Directed by Eric R. Eastman, veteran New England Stage/Screen/TV actor (see

Audition Date & times:
Sunday August 25th, 4p – 8p & Monday August 26th, 6p-8p

Principal photography for SPIN THE PLATE begins by Labor Day and continues thru the Autumn of 2013. All filming will take place in the So. NH/No. MA area (incl. Boston, MA).

~ On camera acting exp. preferred
~ Headshot & resume'; two copies, please
~ Suitability for one or more of the characters; described below (age, look, type, etc.).
~ A prepared 1 – 2 minute monologue that is colloquial & modern.
(You may be asked to perform this piece, as time allows)
~ Cold reads: You may be asked to perform one or more sides/scenes from the script.
~ Strictly non-union (currently seeking "SAG-sanctioned status")

Great on-camera acting experience, DVD copy of finished product, personal reel footage, basic meals (as on-set circumstances require). Strong resume line item. {This is 'Not for pay'}

Synopsis: Jo is a survivor of a bleak and abusive childhood. She channels her pain and rage into weight training and roams the city streets at night as a powerful vigilante. While she is more than capable of defending herself against physical danger, she is defenseless against the memories of the past that torment her. Francis is a mysterious man she meets on the subway train. He doesn't have a regular job and is still living at home. But he is gentle, likable, friendly, intelligent, sensitive, respectful, generous, patient, and understanding. Just what a brave, but damaged soul like Jo needs. In this story, the average-guy hero battles to win the battered heart of the wary, edgy, less-than-perfect heroine.


Jo (late 20s to mid 30s): The lead character in the story. Jo must be a large-ish & young-ish woman, but clearly fit, athletic & dangerously strong. She is a survivor of many years of some of the most dark kinds of familial child abuse. She upholds a tough exterior to shield herself from the harshness of the world, but struggles with inner emotional turmoil nonetheless. Needs to have a lot of "lights on upstairs".

Francis Mangini: (late 20s to Late 30s) Lead male character. Slender, vaguely awkward, often childlike, far wiser than his disheveled & unassuming appearance might suggest. An idiosyncratic "anti-hero". Oddly charming. Kind. Has an immense yet admirable secret which he guards uncomfortably.

Keisha (Any age) Owner of a tattoo shop. No-nonsense lady of colour. Commands respect.

Nick Glazier. (Mid 20's to early 30's) Pro NFL player (Offensive lineman), a real good guy, but a BIG strong guy.

Lindsay Glazier. (Mid 20's to early 30's) Expert personal trainer, attractive, an optimist; wife to Nick Glazier.

Deidre (Tattoo customer): Edgy, inked, outspoken, friend to Lauren Green; the 'bad influence' in her life.

Lauren Green (Tattoo customer): Young-ish adult, slight of build, (blonde?) described as a suburban 'good girl'.

Francesca Mangini (Mid 50's to 60's) Francis' doting Italian aunt #1

Angelina Mangini (Mid 50's to 60's) Francis' doting Italian aunt #2

Jay Yarmo (Any Age) Very Savvy Boston attorney, spec. in prosecuting criminal abuse cases. Expert negotiator.

Barbara Anderson (any age) Very tough Defense Attorney. Opposing council to Jay Yarmo.

Bill & Michaela Orsiano (50's to 60's) Lifelong abusive dad to Jo & his lifelong abused wife.

Charles Davis. (Mid aged) Charismatic worldwide philanthropist, an inspirational public speaker

Naran (Early/Mid teens) Child Runaway & Human Trafficking survivor

Waitress (Any age): strong regional accent and personal briskness preferred

**Crew: We're still accepting submissions for key production staff at this time. Please inquire!**
(INCL.: DP / Sound & Boom / Gaffer / Key Grip / "PA"s & more)

For more information, visit Pls. send direct Inquiries and digital headshot/resume; submissions to: (Also leave a VM at: (603) 879-0009)