Wednesday, November 27, 2013

JUSTICE IS MIND to have New Hampshire premiere screening on 12/4

[Received this press release from filmmaker Mark Lund. The film features several New Hampshire residents and was partially shot in the state, as well.]

Mark Lund, executive producer, director and writer, is pleased to announce that Justice Is Mind will have its New Hampshire premiere at the Cinemagic theatre in Merrimack, New Hampshire on December 4, 2013 at 7 PM. Tickets are $10.00. In addition to several scenes being shot in Merrimack and Milford, Justice Is Mind’s star Paul Lussier, co-star Michele Mortensen, and the film’s director of photography Jeremy Blaiklock, reside in the state.

“I’m really looking forward to having the New Hampshire state premiere of Justice Is Mind in Merrimack at Cinemagic. Audiences will see some familiar locations as we shot several important scenes at Giorgio’s restaurants in Merrimack and Milford,” said Lund. “With two of our stars and our director of photography from the state, along with additional actors and crew, it makes our state premiere even more fitting and exciting.”

Set in the near future where advanced MRI technology can read your memory, Justice Is Mind follows businessman and restaurant owner Henri Miller who has been afflicted with unexplained headaches since childhood. When he has the new FVMRI procedure and it reveals that he has allegedly shot and killed two people, the trial of the century begins in which Miller is faced with his own memory at trial. But all is not as it seems as a dark family secret, held by Henri’s minister father Joseph, reveals itself in the courtroom. The official trailer can be viewed at this link:

Lund adds, “With President Obama supporting brain research with a $100 million initiative, recent Supreme Court cases regarding landmark DNA and privacy issues along with a July article in The Atlantic magazine titled ‘Could the Government Get a Search Warrant for Your Thoughts’ Justice Is Mind is a well-timed dramatic feature film.”

Justice Is Mind had its world premiere on August 18 in Albany, New York at the Capitol District Film Festival and has been screening in theatres, law schools and science fiction conventions across North America.

Justice Is Mind [], running time 153 minutes, stars Vernon Aldershoff (Henri Miller), Robin Ann Rapoport (Margaret Miller), Paul Lussier (John Darrow) and Kim Gordon (Constance Smith). Co-starring Richard Sewell (Joseph Miller), Michele Mortensen (Maria Miller), Carlyne Fournier (Dr. Eve Pullman), Dmitri Aldershoff (Gary Miller), Chara Gannett (Nancy Miller), Mary Wexler (Judge Wagner), Jesse Mangan (Brian Kovski) and Steven Scott (Police Detective).Justice Is Mind includes a cast of over 120 actors. For additional information, please visit Justice Is Mind’s official website