Thursday, June 19, 2014

Casting Notice: Travel Channel's "Hotel Impossible" seeking properties in New Hampshire

Debbie and Lisa Ganz, casting directors for Travel Channel's Season 5 of Hotel Impossible, are looking for potential properties to feature in New Hampshire:
We are specifically looking for family owned hotels, lodges, resorts & inns in beautiful New Hampshire! We would love places that have history and/or a legacy or special memories that they can expose. In case you're not familiar with Travel Channel's "Hotel Impossible," each episode features one property that would like the help of our host, renowned hotel expert Anthony Melchiorri, to promote, boost business and improve profitability and exposure. Anthony has saved more hotels than most people have stayed in, and he's very passionate about the work he does and the work we do for the show. Each 60-minute episode features a great hotel that may be struggling in these tough economic times. Anthony will come in, meet with staff, management and ownership and help get them into shape, improving everything from the service to the decor – depending on the need - and we will makeover portions of their hotels at NO COST to the owners, and document the transformation for broadcast, which would surely drive tourists to the hotel.
Interested property owners should contact Debbie and Lisa directly at