Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New Hampshire/LA-based filmmaker Justin Scarelli announces new webseries

[Received this update from New Hampshire/Los Angeles-based filmmaker Justin Scarelli:]

New Hampshire writer Justin Scarelli turns his sights to the web, and releases his new scripted series “Movie Night” entirely on YouTube!

New Hampshire native and writer/director Justin Scarelli, is excited to announce the follow-up to his feature film debut. SOME HOLIDAY which filmed entirely in the Concord/Seacoast region was reviewed as being “sure evidence that Scarelli will find his way as a writer/filmmaker if he sticks with it.” (Kereth Cowe Spigai Art Throb Magazine 11/2/2010).

After relocating to Los Angeles, and briefly working alongside the IN YOUR EYES production team, Justin teamed up with his current ByLaw Production partners, to cowrite, co-produce an exciting new story this time to premiere on the web!

“Movie Night” is a scripted comedy series, and revolves around five friends who meet every week to watch a scheduled film, and a new girl from the East Coast (Hoboken, NJ, to be exact), who just moved to LA. Jaynee inadvertently interrupts the group’s status quo, finding herself at odds with Esther, the fastidious leader of movie night.

Watch the trailer here: http://vimeo.com/87498695

The project was funded last August through Kickstarter, and reached its goal within fifteen days. The first season consists of twelve, seven-minute episodes, to be released Netflix-style, all at once, on YouTube. Justin and his team are excited to release their content this way, and are hopeful the online medium will allow them to reach a larger audience.
“Movie Night” premieres on Wednesday, June 25th. All episodes will be online to watch on the show’s website www.movienightseries.com, or the show’s YouTube page, www.youtube.com/movienightwebseries!

“Movie Night” Credits, written and created by: Rance Collins, Beth Crudele, Kerrington Fier, Oriana Nudo, Justin Scarelli, and Rachel Wolf.