Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Hampshire Crowdfunding Update: MONIFF 2015 Community Challenge

The Monadnock International Film Festival (MONIFF) in Keene, New Hampshire is looking to raise $15K by 8/13 as part of their MONIFF 2015 Community Challenge on Indiegogo. The organizers write: 
"MONIFF aims to become a healthy, sustainable, long-lasting non-profit. In order to do that, we need to diversify our funding sources, shared between both corporate contributors, and individual members. Many hands make light work. We want you to share in our success by supporting this vital effort to bring great films to the Monadnock region. In order to kick off our Membership campaign, we are crowd-funding our first $15,000 of our $160,000 cash budget. In addition, we will work hard partnering with local companies to raise our $200,000 in-kind budget."
We've added their campaign to our crowdfunding page where you'll find other running film campaigns as well: Support local film (and the local festivals that love them!)