Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Hampshire Film & Television Office Discussion Series: "The Digital Democratization of Film" - Nov. 17, 6 p.m.

The next meeting of the New Hampshire Film & Television Office Discussion Series is scheduled for Monday, November 17 at 6 p.m. at NEC Concord, 62 North Main Street in Concord, NH. This month’s topic is "The Digital Democratization of Film."

Democratization of technology is defined as "the process by which access to technology rapidly continues to become more accessible to more people." Has the growth and accessibility of digital technology in production and distribution made it easier (or more difficult) to be a filmmaker? Are there (or should there be) different schools of thought between being a “filmmaker” and simply creating digital content? What does being a filmmaker really mean? This month’s free-form conversation will explore the cultural and industry impact of digital democratization in filmmaking both on a broad scope and at a local level. Come with your thoughts and ideas!

The series is free and open to filmmakers, media production professionals, students and the general public. Attendees drive the conversation and will also have time to network. Future meetings will continue to address issues that affect the state’s film, television and media production community.

Contact the New Hampshire Film & Television Office at 603-271-2220 or film@nh.gov with questions or for more information.

The New Hampshire Film & Television Office Discussion Series is presented in partnership with NEC Concord and held on the third Monday of every month.

Food Note: Since our discussion series takes place during the early evening hours, we invite you to take advantage of what downtown Concord has to offer! Grab some coffee or a quick bite before our event, or gather some new friends from the discussion and continue the conversation over dinner at one of the establishments along Main Street. Click here for restaurant information from the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce website.

Social Media Note: You can chime in to the monthly discussion or follow along on Twitter by using #NECfilmchat. Discussions may also be recorded or streamed live. Selfies and other photos are encouraged!