Thursday, May 7, 2015

Concord Community TV presents "The People's Presidential Project"

ConcordTV, a nonprofit television station located in the heart of the First in the Nation Presidential Primary state, Concord, New Hampshire, announces its premier telecast of the 2016 People’s Presidential Project to air on the evening of May 5, 2015. This first telecast marks the beginning of a series of telecasts featuring both declared and undeclared Presidential candidates. The first potential Presidential candidate to take advantage of this opportunity was Donald Trump who was followed closely by Carly Fiorina. Both of these candidates are featured in this first 2016 People’s Presidential Project telecast.

The 2016 People’s Presidential Project Is an effort by ConcordTV to help candidates unite their message directly with the people of New Hampshire, the nation and the world, no matter the remoteness of their location.

Each candidate who accepts the 2016 People’s Presidential Project’s invitation to communicate directly with the people is videotaped answering one question only in a setting of the candidate’s choice. Every candidate is asked the same question and will be allowed to respond uninterrupted for up to 5 minutes. There are no follow up questions. Following the taped session, the candidate is provided with an unedited video copy to be used by the candidate at their discretion.

The candidates featured during the premier telecast and all candidate telecasts that follow can be viewed on ConcordTV Public Channel 22 as well as are available to the nation and the world via, YouTube Channel -ConcordNHTV, ConcordTV’s Facebook page, Twitter and other social media platforms Unique to this process is ConcordTV’s ability to share each candidate’s video directly with media and other resources in Concord, NH’s various sister cities and towns named “Concord” within the United States, Canada and the world.

To explain ConcordTV’s “Concords” connection, earlier this year, ConcordTV invited all sister cities and towns named “Concord” throughout the country and the world to submit video clips and other information about their ”Concord”, which were aired during a recent ConcordTV live telecast celebrating Concord, NH’s 250th anniversary. The outpouring from Concord, NH’s sister cities and towns gave tremendous insight into parts of our country that rarely receive media or political attention.

So in an effort to thank the Concords for their participation in our local celebration, ConcordTV is providing them with the opportunity to be a part of Concord, NH’s First in the Nation Presidential Primary experience. Thus, both the Donald Trump video as well as the Carly Fiorina video are being sent directly to ConcordTV’s contacts in each city and town named “Concord” where they will be aired locally. It Is ConcordTV’s hope that not only will the Concords gain new insight into the First in the Nation Presidential Primary experience, but that they will receive well-deserved candidate attention as well.

About Concord Community TV: ConcordTV is a nonprofit organization, incorporated in 1998, located at Concord High School where Teacher in Space, Christa McAuliffe taught. Its mission is to help Concord, NH residents and nonprofits that serve the Concord community learn to: create video content to enable them to “tell their stories;” and distribute their content locally on the station’s three Community TV channels as well as marketing platforms. ConcordTV provides: an On-air Community Bulletin Board for local groups and nonprofits to publicize meetings and events; LIVE coverage Concord City Council, Planning and Zoning Board meetings; Coverage of Concord School Board meetings; Community events as well as Classes in Camera, Editing and Studio Production and other aspects of Broadcast Media.