Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Crowdfunding: New Hampshire short "Namaste" seeks to raise $5K

New Hampshire filmmaker Christine Altan has launched an Indiegogo campaign for her forthcoming short film "Namaste." The project is seeking to raise $5,000 over the next month.

Christine writes about the film:

"In 2016,  I was the recipient of the Women in Film Fellowship Award from the Shawna Shea Memorial Foundation, which comes with a $500 stipend towards my film along with a mentorship from a variety of professionals in the filmmaking and arts community, including Skip Shea, a local award-winning writer and director and father of the late Shawna Shea. Read more about Shawna and the foundation here: https://www.shawnasheaff.com/foundation 
Told through the eyes of multiple couples, a story of interconnectedness unfolds as Chrysta opens herself to the possibility of love. Brief encounters reveal the invisible current that eventually leads to the moment she lays eyes on her future. Interweaving natural elements and surroundings, Namaste takes you on a moving visual journey of loss and love. 
Written and directed by myself, Namaste will be produced in conjunction with the Shawna Shea Memorial Foundation. The professional crew will include DP Jonathon Millman, also a NH resident, and an Emmy and Telly award winning cinematographer. https://www.jamillman.com/  
Principal photography will begin on June 10-11, 2017  and take place entirely in Exeter, NH. This will be my directorial debut.  
My goal of $5,000 will cover the expenses of catering my cast and crew, pay for equipment rental fees, specific wardrobe, set design, post production, marketing, and other miscellaneous costs associated with the production of this film. I will not profit from this project in any matter, except the pride of creating a beautiful film and offering the community and other collaborators the opportunity to be a part of this. 
Namaste will be an unique film easily relatable to a diverse audience. A connection with simplicity intertwined with aesthetic moments will leave the viewer in awe of the beauty of humanity combined with stunning, natural locations. It will be a memorable experience."

Visit the campaign site via the link below for more information. Support local film!