Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Crew Notice: Pick-up Shoots for "Love in Kilnerry"

Crew Notice: 1st AC, non-union, deferred pay

Daniel Keith, producer of the independent film "Love in Kilnerry," which shot in the Portsmouth area earlier this summer, will be returning the weekend of August 5 for some pick-up shots and is looking for assistance. He sent along this notice for a 1st AC.

"We shot a feature in Portsmouth all last mo they and wrapped June 7. We have to hear back to Portsmouth for reshoots and pick-ups Aug 5-9. The film is LOVE IN KILNERRY. DP is J Eric Camp, director Snorri Sturluson, with Archway Pictures. We shot three cameras on 5k REDS.  
We need a 1st AC preferably familiar with RED camera. We're offer $400 a day (deferred on gross revenue) plus any overtime plus a pro-rata percentage of Net Profits. 
Everything is in writing. Gas, food, and housing (if further than half an hour away) provided. 
We'll also be shooting a few nights around sunset off the coast near Whaleback lighthouse in boats. 
Any interest, please have them email me at LoveInKilnerryMovie@gmail.com 
Our IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6735740/ "